AEC Magazine News – Lenovo leverage IMSCAD’s expertise to bring customers remote workstation solutions.


Lenovo and IMSCAD are helping customers understand there is an alternative to the cloud, with a variety of workstations on offer from Lenovo’s ThinkStation P-Series range featuring a rack mountable design and protocol agnostic, customers can do remote working their way.

“We want people to really understand that there’s an alternative to cloud………” – Mark Hirst, workstation solutions manager, Lenovo.

In AEC Magazines, Winter 2024 Workstation Special Report, Greg Corke catches up with Lenovo’s Mark Hirst and hears how Lenovo are taking partners and customers on a journey of discovery to help them understand there is an alternative to cloud.

With many of Lenovo’s flagship workstations in the ThinkStation P-series range now rack mountable, they can offer customers a flexible workstation solution deployed from their own server room in the office or datacenter which can provide up to a 40% performance boost over some public cloud offerings or a typical virtualized server running CAD/CAM, CAE and BIM Applications.

With awareness being key, Lenovo along with IMSCAD and other partners are helping customers understand that there is a choice when it comes to how a remote workstation solution is delivered. There are many protocol offerings available these days that customers may not even be aware, typically Citrix, VMware or HP Anyware (formerly Teradici) roll off the tongue but there are alternatives such as Parsec, TGX, Splashtop and Nice DVC to name a few. This ultimately means customers can pair the ThinkStation P3 Ultra with their preferred broker and gateway services to deliver workstation performance with cloud-like flexibility to their users.

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“A workstation is not just that box at the desk anymore, all of these things are rack mountable” – Mark Hirst, workstation solutions manager, Lenovo.

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Remote possibilities: Lenovo targets the cloud




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