The Cloud and Hybrid Work

Work anytime, from anywhere on any device leveraging cloud desktops.

Cloud based Desktops for hybrid work and cloud-based desktop disaster recovery solutions for business continuity are enabling organisations to provide hybrid working solutions for their users, while retaining the robust security and control that enterprise IT and business demands.

When looking at the Cloud for Virtual Desktops, we can define it in three distinct categories:

1. Private Cloud or Hosted VDI

Outsource your Virtual Desktops to a hosted environment, the Virtual Desktops are deployed and hosted in the hosting company’s data center, on bare metal servers, they are responsible for the infrastructure, this is often referred to as private cloud or hosted VDI. Like the on-premise solution, with this sort of solution, you get the same benefits of provisioning infrastructure to suit your use case, applications and workflows with the extra advantage of not having to buy or manage the hardware.

2. Hyperscale or Public Cloud Desktops

Where you pay for instances, While spinning up a new instance is easy, a VDI solution on the public cloud still requires extra underlying infrastructure and integration components to work. From the architecture and networking to the security, you are responsible for everything you build in the public cloud.

3. Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud refers to a cloud solution that combines a private or hosted cloud with one or more public cloud services. Hybrid cloud solutions can offer more control over private data, you can store sensitive data on a private cloud or local data center whilst leveraging the computational resources of public cloud.

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