You’ll be amazed at how many common business problems VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) and Cloud Desktops solve.


You’ll be amazed at how many common business problems VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) and Cloud Desktops solve.

In this piece, we will highlight how virtual desktop solutions can benefit your business now and for the future and give you a competitive business advantage over those firms that have not yet adopted this technology.

From our experience, there are a good many businesses that are interested in digitisation but too few of them have moved aggressively enough, digital transformation among firms has been limited, at best. Regardless of where your company stands now, executives need to act quickly to move organisations to the next level or risk falling behind those organisations that do.

Many firms across the world have offices spread across various countries with a dispersed workforce, making collaboration, IT management and improving operational effectiveness a real challenge. In our experience, gained over 10+ years of deploying Virtual Desktop solutions, firms that have implemented these solutions find achieving these a much simpler task.

That’s all very well I hear you say, but how is a virtual desktop solution going to combat these common business problems and give my business a competitive advantage?.

Data and IP Security:

VDI is a great security solution for any firm, we live in a world where we must deal with an ever-growing threat of being hacked. With an increase in remote work due to the pandemic coupled with a push from many firms to implement bring your own device (BYOD) polices, the chances of this are even greater. If you hire outside contractors to handle specific tasks this risk is exemplified even more.

With your users using a virtual desktop solution, no document is stored locally on their devices, all data remains stored in the safety of the data center and their connection to their desktop is encrypted. There is no risk if devices are lost or stolen, beyond the cost of the device itself, as no company data is stored on them. IP and sensitive client data are not at risk as the data is not saved on the endpoint device.

IT Operations Costs:

The cost of a PC is small compared to the labor that goes into supporting it, think patching and carrying out upgrades. Not only in monetary terms but in common sense terms, it’s much less expensive in time and a whole lot easier to manage and update 3 VDI desktop images or templates for example than it is managing 500 individual workstations and laptops that might well be turned off, sitting at home, in the car, or even lost!

User Mobility (Remote Access):

As previously mentioned, firms can easily facilitate remote and mobile workstyles for all users, improving productivity while retaining the necessary levels of security. A simple client, for example (Citrix Receiver,) is downloaded to any device to allow access, this is completely device and operating system independent. The anywhere, anytime, anyhow nature of the service allows users to access their desktops over the internet via PC, laptop, tablet and even smartphone, giving them unprecedented freedom and flexibility.

Enterprise Mobility:

Organizations can rapidly respond to change with the ability to provision and deploy new users, groups, or project teams almost instantly, removing the lengthy process of workstation provisioning and deployment. Firms with multiple offices across multiple geos can centralise data and resources speeding up update and patching times and speeding up work times and increasing productivity, ensuring deadlines are met.

Business Continuity and Performance:

The always available nature of the desktop, coupled with the centralised backup of data means that users can work form anywhere at any time, they do not need be in the office to maintain productivity levels. Being able to do this, addresses the increasing issue of weather and travel related interruptions, with workers able to work as normal from a remote or home location.

As you can see, the benefits of these types of solutions are many and they are varied. I want to take some time to highlight performance as the key benefit, being able to provide all of your users, with the performance they require when working both in the office but more importantly giving them that same performance working from anywhere, on any device. What business in today’s world does not want to be able to do this? Is it you, I hope it isn’t…! The world is changing, the way we work has and is evolving, hybrid work is here to stay, and we all need to be able to provide our users with the means to be able to work productively whether they are in the office or not.

Historically, users, particularly design users, have been reluctant to give up their workstations as they have had concerns about not getting the same performance using “new” technologies such as VDI. This was highlighted for many during the pandemic, as they tried to work from home, on hastily put together remote work solutions that did not give the performance they required having to use large files running across the internet, this download and upload culture creates a massive bottleneck.

A VDI solution gives users the performance they want and need to work in the same way they would have historically worked at their workstations but from anywhere. The productivity gains that can be made by implementing a VDI solution are clear to see.  It is worth pointing out again, that a VDI solution, offers your firm far more than just a remote work solution, hopefully this piece has highlighted these benefits.

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